We are one of the proud sponsors of Hull Digital Awards 2018 at the new Bonus Arena Hull

We want to share the culture, moments and reason why we are #ProudOfHull

Join us at the Bonus Arena on 20th September 2018 snd don't forget to share your #ProudOfHull on social media prior to the event

Eyeweb at the Hull Digital Awards 2018

We have just announced that we are going to be the official drinks and reception sponsor for this year's Hull Digital Awards 2018 and in the process, we are celebrating our great city by spreading the #ProudOfHull hashtag on Twitter.

We want you to get involved, after all you are a big part of what makes Hull great! Tweet us yours and your teams Proud of Hull moment(s) or stories and we will add it to our proud of Hull website AND it will be featured at the Hull Digital Awards this year.

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Here's why the Eyeweb team are #ProudOfHull

Paul Scott

Managing Director

"I am proud of Hull for many reasons. The particular part of Hull that I am most connected to is the Humber Bridge. This record-breaking bridge has become an icon for Hull. Providing quick access to the south side of the river, it also stands as a testament to the engineering marvel that has been created in this proud city"

Karl Robinson

Head of Development

"I'm proud of Hull for the immense support and passion towards our local talent, from bands/singers, to sports people. We support them every step of the way."

Chris Hampshire

Web Designer

"When I was a small kid my grandad literally cut a map of the United Kingdom in his front lawn, he placed landmarks from all over the country around the lawn. One day, as we were looking over it, he said 'You can take the boy out of Hull but you can't take Hull out of the boy'. It comes with great pride that I am from our great city of Hull. I'm not proud of one individual area but more the culture, the moments and the people that makes our great city."

Jack Keenan


"I'm proud of our local talents, specifically our Hull born bands. There's nothing I enjoy more than visiting the city centre and attending the gigs at our local clubs and pubs."

Brit McKeever

Head of Marketing

"Mine is the people as cliche as that sounds. Everyone is always so talkative and friendly to me and as a Canadian I value that. #ProudOfHull"

Tyler Precious

Marketing Apprentice

"I'm proud of our events. Every week there's multiple exciting events taking place in and around Hull, there's always something to do and see. Whether that be an exciting acrobatic show, or an eye opening art exhibition. It's never dull in Hull!"

Sylvia Scott

Account Manager

"I'm proud of our city 'Kingston upon Hull' for it's rich history and its many beautiful Victorian buildings in the old town, now often used as settings for period films and plays. Thanks to our 2017 City of Culture status we are firmly on the map as a tourist destination. We've also a proud history of famous people, such as, William Wilberforce and Amy Johnson. I'm proud of the place and the people."

Leo Francis


"I'm proud of Hull for the tenacity the people of Hull have to prove what a great city Hull is. We have been named worst city to live in countless times, but the people that live here never accepted that. We know it's a hidden gem. Being the City of Culture gave every one a chance to show what a great city Hull is, and how we can keep growing into an even better cultural and diverse place to live."

Barnaby Patchett

Content Writer

"Hull is one of the few cities which still has a really distinct personality, traditions and a sense of place. It feels like some places are selling out to the corporations, abandoning their heritage and identity, and in terms of their culture, trying and become a mini London. Hull is more like an independent band - it's staying true to its roots, doing something different and building its own future.”

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